Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6

March 5, 2010: In today's blog post, Ms. Tenore truly exercises her freedom as a blogger. Her journalism background has influenced this passage, though with the foundations of a new- journalism typed style, the story holds a deeply personal edge. In fact, the first word is 'I,' whereas the 'laws of journalism' has probably taught her (as it has me) that there is no room for such letter in news reporting.

The article is about her newfound passion for long-distanced running and her training for a half- marathon at Disney World next weekend. She writes about begrudgingly waking up each morning to build up her endurance with an early jog of a half-dozen or so miles and the constant burn she endures of muscle fatigue throughout each day.

Most notably to me is the sincerity of her writing. The way in which she speaks as a primary source keeps me reading. Running, honestly is pretty boring to me. I don't even really like doing it. I get bored quickly and when the possibly of taking a jog comes up, I suddenly find reason to clean, or do laundry, or allot sometime to watching a movie.

Ms. Tenore uses her internet blog as a source of confidence. Ironically, any web- surfer may stumble on her page, making the privacy of her thoughts quite vulnerable. As a journalist, her 'outer- personal' writing must adhere to specific guidelines. As mentioned, there are no rules on the internet and Mallary's writing remains as free as her trains of thought.

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