Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 5

February 23, 2010: Using my personal judgment of the author's few photos, I'd imagine her to be in her mid- to late- 20s. Whether she just looks good for her age or not, she is hip to modern journalism, for sure. 

This article furthered my knowledge of a recent problem in the field of journalism: dealing with internet journalism in terms of making money. Major printed press companies are turning belly- up, after struggling to keep up with the job market. 

Magazines, newspapers, and periodicals are not making as much money anymore since their content is more accessible online. It is that simple.

Mallary writes about a story that she wrote for the Poynter Institute regarding 'bounce rates,' a term which describes when a news company's website catches a reader for only a short period of time. News readers log- on to an article and commonly 'bounce' off, back into the web and far away from that news website.

The money link exists in the website's advertising. Many news media companies stay afloat with the help of advertising and are able to sustain themselves with the increase need of advertising on behalf of larger companies and the money that they provide for ads on the website. 

People who log- on to a website and do not 'bounce' away are obviously spending an extended amount of time (longer than the length of reading just a few paragraphs,) and are therefore, more likely to click on the advertising published in the website's margins.

My journalism professor, Ms. Lauro has incorporated this subject in some of her teachings. She likes to target aspects of journalism that are of value to my younger generation. It is ever- changing and the internet will forever be driving the journalism field from here on out.

Can Professor Lauro be my Mr. John Quinn as I'm to her Mallary Jean Tenore? In that post, she mentions how she hopes to somehow inspire young journalists as Mr. Quinn did for her. It seems a bit ironic to me on account of my need for writing this be as a college assignment, given to me from my journalism professor. 

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