Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 4

February 17, 2009: Again, Ms. Tenore gets a little bit emotional. In this passage, she talks about a trip that she took across Florida to revisit a friend and old mentor of hers in college. Professor John Quinn teaches at both his and her alma mater, Providence College.

He sets out to further the field of journalism and teaches his students fundamental aspects of actual journalism such maintaining morale in a newsroom and entrepreneurial opportunities, presumably freelancing skills. I see clearly how learning 'practical' lessons in journalism has remained very dearly to the young journalist. 

These lessons are what matters. Schooling on journalism can only extend so far. Since journalism exists  because the act of writing exists, it is an art. With art, it must be expressed honestly and naturally. Therefore, as a journalism student, the 'laws of journalism,' i.e. the A.P. standards are stressed in the classroom. This rubric creates a standardization and basis of judgment for news writing, as it also provides a template for artists, via their newswriting, to mold their writing to.

With blog writing, these rules are nonexistent. (L.o.L! [Laugh out Loud])

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