Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1

February 2, 2010: Mallary discusses the sometimes-a-bit touchy subject of personal writing. Where some writers may feel bashful or find it hard to express themselves on an intimate level, Ms. Tenore confides in her 'blog-o-sphere.' She uses examples of a few topics that are close to her and the motivation that she has for writing about them.

Reading this entry, it feels ultra personal, perhaps due to it's short length. In just a few scattered paragraphs she talks rather passionately about personal topics and while correlating a few of her favorite memories, she explains how she values food and her mother on a similar level of intimacy. 

Memories have always been of interest to me and I enjoy thinking about them in terms of how greatly I give attribution to them involuntarily. Her memories have done such a great amount for her on an emotional level that they seem to naturally 'file' themselves into categories. As a writer, she has outlet to express these emotions and a blog provides a great place for her to freely publish these writings for viewers (some whom do leave comments, which Mallary sweetly responds to each one) to read at their will.

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