Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 2

January 26, 2010: This girl, Mallary seems pretty legit in terms of her journalism career. She writes on this day about her interview with CBS journalist Katie Couric and how much of an honor it was. This, to me, is a great example of how her blog 'humanizes' her.

Anytime a seemingly normal person, which could be synonymous with 'a person you'd see during your every day life,' has some sort of contact with a celebrity, it is interesting to the rest of the population of normal people. Journalism has been a great job for Mallary and concerning the level of famous people she is able to connect with, her love for writing has lifted her to great heights.


Katie Couric, an internationally esteemed/ despised American television journalist is probably an ideal idol for Ms. Tenore. 

In this article, she again draws from memories of childhood, her admiration for Ms. Couric, while again bringing up her mother. "Talking to “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Couric on Monday made me think about Mom and about how much I’ve grown up since the days when I would admire journalists from afar. " As an employee of Poynter and as a journalist by profession, her current perspective of the craft is much different than it was as a girl. Mallary's childhood reminds of her of her mother and recollecting from it begins a definite cycle of catharsis for Ms. Tenore. She taps into her emotional subconscious by thinking of these memories, providing a vast subject to write about.

Also, she mentions how her mother enjoyed going to the "CBS Evening News" taping as a child because the tickets were free. While reading that, I recognized a reason for Mallary to enjoy internet blogging so much; it's free-ness. Getting published is seriously at a 'click's' reach. 

Speech, the internet, a blogger account: it's all (almost all) free. 

Happy 2010.

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