Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 7

March 11, 2010: Our girl did it!  This post is in follow- up to her previous one of the week prior. She writes about her experience in the race, running 13.1 miles and the craziness which ensued in preparation for the race. This is, in some ways true investigative journalism, in some ways true 'new- journalism.'

Mallary lived this story and experienced it with her own senses, serving as motivation for her writing about it. Within this style of 'free' journalism, the writer is in position to write on behalf of her own will. It almost seems as if she is quoting herself. She is a primary source, anyway. 

Personal accounts of her "... waking up in the middle of the night to run 13.1 miles..." are personal anecdotes and give her credibility on the issue. Her credible voice creates interest for the reader, as we are learning this from a seemingly- informed 'expert' on the subject, or at least a primary source.

"Was I crazy?" she asks herself. This drops the barrier of unfamiliarity. There is no reporter playing middle-man on this story. The subject is the same as the reporter. 

Again, I recognize the importance of freedom in the blog- world.

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